Heightening Workplace Safety, One Product at a Time

Oct 15, 2019

In October 2018, Safe Work Australia released a Model Code of Practice to manage the risk of falls in the workplace. This code of practice has been adopted by all states and territories in Australia and sets out a hierarchy of five levels of control for working at heights.

Bailey Ladders has a host of ladders, elevated work platforms and roof access products, along with a number of accessories, that ensure safety when operating at heights and are in compliance with the code. A few of these products include the Bailey Modular Access System, Fall Protection and Access Platforms.

In terms of eliminating the risk associated with a workplace task, the code states that it should be undertaken from ground level or a solid guarded construction. Dependant on the job, this is not always practical, therefore per the hierarchy of control, the task must be performed from a safe work platform such as the Modular Access System, Access Platform or a scaffold to prevent the possibility of a fall.

When necessary and for specific tasks such as roofwork, it is important that a professional travel restraint system is utilised for safe work positioning. Advanced fall arrest systems, such as the  Pro Premium Harness Kit from Bailey Ladders is also a compliant option for working at heights to help stop a worker from falling an uncontrolled distance while reducing the impact to their body.


Modular Access System

The first of its kind in Australia, Bailey Ladders last year released its Modular Access System product range that enables users to safely access a wide area via a platform flexible in both height and length.

Available from various retailers, the innovative system meets growing market demand for an off-the-shelf product that is affordable, flexible, easily transportable, and above all incorporates features that make it safe and reliable for workplace height access.

Built to be super strong, the fully-welded Access Platform design is fabricated from heavy duty aluminium, with steel bracing under bottom tread and side bracing providing additional protection from impact damage. In addition, it includes deep treads to improve safety and comfort when climbing. The Systems large stable work platform and manually operated braking system with high-vis powder coated activation arm helps minimise unauthorised access and two safety gates provide added security when working.

The Systems connecting modules have also been fabricated from heavy duty aluminium with a strong fully-welded design, a 170kg load rate per platform module, and are industrial rated for use on commercial and industrial sites.


Fall Protection

The Bailey Ladders Fall Protection range includes all of the components of a Fall Arrest system for undertaking work on an exposed roof. The range includes a a variety of harnesses shown below,  and lanyards. The energy absorbing lanyard is then attached to a static line which in turn is attached to an approved anchor point. The lanyard attached to the static line keeps the user in a restraint position, preventing the risk of a fall.


Access Platform

The Bailey Ladders Access Platforms (which make up one element of the above Modular Access System) provide a large stable platform from which to work from.  The platform is on lockable wheels (see below), has quick attachment handrails to ensure safety, holds up to 170kg and is made from heavy-duty aluminium, so is light weight and rated for use on commercial and industrial sites.


These Access Platforms, and the Modular Access System, can be used for a variety of purposes. They are also commonly used for works and repairs on trucks, as the platforms and systems are stable enough to work for long periods of time. Furthermore they are used at truck stops to clean windscreens.

Bailey Ladders is passionate about creating high quality, stable, safe equipment, and feels strongly about advocating safe practices, and the use of safe equipment while working at heights.